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Region's specialty is Southern Konnevesi National Park. Finland’s 38th national park will supplement the current network with shore and archipelago areas by waterway routes, and its hilly landscape,old-growth forests, and herb-rich forests typical of the Northern Savo region.
Located approximately 10 km from Myhinranta, Southern Konnevesi National Park will comprise 1544 hectares of state-owned land. The particularly diverse landscape of the new national park, which extends to the islands and shores of Lake Southern Konnevesi, includes glaciated rocks, large bodies of water, steep vertical cliffs, and old forests with giant aspen trees, especially Kalajanvuori area.

Southern Konnevesi National Park

Törmälä Holiday and Course center, which is located 10 km from Myhinranta, is the starting point of 3 km trail to Kalajanvuori.
The Lake Konnevesi water areas themselves are not part of the national park. The area is particularly rich in endangered species that are dependent on rocky habitats or decaying wood.

It is also possible hike to Kalajanvuori directly from Myhinranta. There is marked trail from Myhinranta to Kalajanvuori. The length of this trail is over 14 km (Myhinkoskentie - Konnekoskentie - Törmälä).

The coordinates of Kalajanvuori are: 62.584490, 26.701927

Kalajanvuori on youtube:

Törmälä Holiday and Course center


You can enjoy excellent fishing opportunities on Rautalampi rapids and lakes. For flyfishing enthusiasts, Nokisenkoski, Konnekoski and Mehtiönkoski rapid are exellent places to visit over and over again.

Nokisenkoski -- Konnekoski -- Mehtiönkoski

Fishing and ice fishing are everyman's rights in Finland - you can do these on lake Myhinjärvi during your vacation. Cottage is equipped with very basic fishing equipments. Lure fishing is not allowed without specific lure fishing permit.

Information on fishing permits:

Lure fishing fees in Finland and Savo - in Finnish only.

If you want to transport your own boat to lake Myhinjärvi, boat launching ramp is less than one kilometer away from the Myhinranta, along the road Myhinkoski. Landing Ramp is gravel-based.

Fishing rights of Myhinkoski rapid are privately owned - Fishing is not permitted!

Downhill and cross-country skiing

The nearest downhill skiing centre is located at Hankasalmi: Häkärinne downhill skiing centre has 13 differeng slopes, offroad-slope and Häkä Snow Park. The distance is from Myhinranta is 35 km. Read more (in Finnish): Häkärinne.

Rautalampi area has over 60 km of maintained cross-country skiing trail network in the winter time, which is illuminated for about six kilometers. The starting point of crosscountry skiing trail network is located at Rautalampi center. Rowing, camping - and cross-country skiing track network maps can be found on the following link: Cross-country skiing and trekking paths in Finland.

Horse back riding

Rautalampi is an ideal are for people who enjoy horse back riding. Rautalampi has more than 100 kilometers of tailored horse trekking routes which provides an opportunity to experience the wilderness on horse back, and, above all, an unhurried and relaxing way to enjoy nature together with the horse. Local entrepreneurs who organize horse back riding:

Rautalampi Riding Centre

Myhinranta, Myhinkoskentie 230, 77700 Rautalampi, Seppo ja Tarja Tolmunen +358-400-468926 (Finnish)